Première of “Muera Cupido” in the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid

Fahmi Alqhai & Accademia del Piacere recover new Sebastián Durón’s music

Accademia del Piacere, Fahmi Alqhai’s ensemble, recovers unknown music of Sebastian Duron, in a tribute concert at the National Auditorium of Madrid, with soprano Nuria Rial as soloist—the most international Spanish soprano dedicated to historical music. Wednesday November 2, at the Auditorio Nacional of Madrid, they will perform a selection of arias of Sebastian Duron, the third centenary of whose death is commemorated in 2016. Duron, perhaps the most important Spanish composer of the times of Bach, worked in the cathedral of Seville before conducting the Royal Chapel of Madrid. There he composed a number of zarzuelas and operas, mostly unedited music but now recovered thanks to an intense reconstruction work carried out by Alqhai with musicologists Alvaro Torrente and Jose Maria Dominguez.

Muera Cupido, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, will be played at the University of Salamanca a day later, and then will be performed in the Canary Islands Music Festival, among other important scenarios.

This one will not be the only news of Fahmi Alqhai this November: his latest solo recording for Glossa, The Bach Album, will be released next November 10th, before going back to the National Auditorium with Rocio Marquez on December 2 with its award-winning Dialogues of old and new tunes.

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