2024 will be an inspiring year for Accademia del Piacere


The year 2024, which has just begun, looks exciting for Accademia del Piacere. In addition to having two CDs in the oven with our programs Romances and On Fire, in which Spanish historical music is the protagonist, our group faces two extraordinary challenges: the residency at the Auditorio Nacional de Música and a double tour of America.

After our visit last October to the great musical center of the Ministry of Culture in Madrid, in this first half of the year, we will return twice as resident ensemble to the Auditorio Nacional: first on February 27 to perform our stage fantasy Gugurumbéwith the great Cordovan choreographer Antonio Ruz (National Dance Award 2018), and on May 17 to explore new territories of flamenco together with guitarist Dani de Morón with Metamorphosis.

Before that, in February and April, we will have joined Kiya Tabassian and her group Constantinople to tour our collaboration From Seville to Isfahan, first in Canada (Vancouver, Kelowna, and Edmonton) and then in the United States with stops in Milwaukee, New York and the iconic Dumbarton Oaks cultural center in Washington.

Other concerts in places as far apart as Trondheim (Norway), Valencia, Locarno (Switzerland), Seville, Fez (Morocco) and Potsdam (Germany), among others, will complete the agenda of the first half of a year in which we will later visit two great early music festivals such as the Utrecht Oude Muziek and the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival, to which we will bring the best Spanish historical music with ColombinaHispalis Splendens and Muera Cupido.

We hope to see you at our concerts! We leave you our complete 2024 agenda to make our appointment possible.


Agenda 2024

January 29: Barokkfest in Trondheim (Norway). Program: Colombina
February 4: CaixaForum in Valencia (Spain).
February 23 to 25: tour of Canada in collaboration with Constantinople. Program: from Seville to Isfahan.
February 21: Vancouver
February 23: Kelowna
February 24: Edmonton
February 27: Auditorio Nacional de Madrid. Program: Gugurumbé
March 8: Seville FeMÀS.
March 15. Locarno (Switzerland). Program: Músicas Mestizas
April 6 to 14: US tour in collaboration with Constantinople. Program: From Seville to Isfahan
April 6: Milwaukee
April 7: Dumbarton Oaks, Washington
April 8: Dumbarton Oaks, Washington
April 14: New York
April 18: Soria. Program: Rediscovering Spain
May 17: National Auditorium, Madrid. Program: Metamorphosis
May 19 and 20: Melk (Austria). Rediscovering Spain
June 1: Fez (Morocco). Program: Romances
June 9: Granada. Program: In Dulci Jubilo
June 14: Regensburg (Germany). Program: Rediscovering Spain, with Patricia Guerrero.
June 28: Pisa (Italy). Program: Udite Amanti: Udite Amanti
August 8: Festival En el Camino de Santiago, Jaca (Huesca, Spain). Program: Metamorphosis
August 24 and 26. Utrecht Oude Muziek (The Netherlands). Hispalis Splendens
September 12. Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival (Germany). Program: Muere Cupido, with Núria Rial.

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