Two GEMA awards for Accademia del Piacere… and much more!

The Association of Spanish Early Music Ensembles (GEMA) granted on June 24th its annual awards, at the Auditorio Nacional of Spain (Madrid). Its winners were decided among historical music professionals for their performance in the past year,  2015. Accademia Piacere received two such awards: Best Baroque Group; and the Innovation Award in the field of historical music, to our show À l’Espagnole, an encounter with contemporary dance together with company Antonio Ruz. These grants come after three nominations to the Max de las Artes Escénicas recently given to À l’Espagnole: Best Dance Show, to the Best Choreography (Antonio Ruz), and Best Dancer (to the full cast).

Premios-Gema-2015-Innovacion PEQLogo Max XIX Candidata

Antonio Ruz won also the PAD Award 2015 (Asociación de Profesionales y Compañías por el Desarrollo de la Danza en Andalucía), to the Best Choreography, also for  À l’Espagnole. We attach a picture including our two statuettes of GEMA. THANK YOU!


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